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HAVIT Freego1 Air Conduction Bluetooth Earphone
HAVIT Freego1 Air Conduction Bluetooth Earphone
HAVIT Freego1 Air Conduction Bluetooth Earphone
HAVIT Freego1 Air Conduction Bluetooth Earphone
HAVIT Freego1 Air Conduction Bluetooth Earphone
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HAVIT Freego1 Air Conduction Bluetooth Earphone

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Specification : Model: Freego1. Speaker size: 16.2mm, Speaker frequency: 20Hz~20kHz, Battery: 110mAh, Play time: 12H(80% Vol.)

Product by Chromosys IT

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Havit Freego1 Air Conduction Bluetooth Headphone

The Havit Freego1 Air Conduction Bluetooth Headphones represent a significant advancement in wireless music streaming technology. With their novel directional technology and superior sound quality, these state-of-the-art headphones completely transform the way you listen to music. The Havit Freego1 Air is made to prioritize the health of your ears while meeting your audio demands, whether you're a die-hard music lover or lead an active lifestyle. Vibrant audio without covering your ears is possible with the Havit Freego1 Air headphones thanks to air conduction technology. Your favorite music may be enjoyed while staying completely aware of your surroundings thanks to this innovative method. With the Havit Freego1 Air, take care of your ears. These headphones reduce the chance of hearing impairment or annoyance by securely transferring sound without physically covering your ears. Because it lets users listen to their music while being aware of surrounding noises, this function is especially helpful for people who run, bike, or stroll in urban settings. The Havit Freego1 Air headphones are made with an intelligent and lightweight design, making them ideal for people who lead active lives. They are the perfect partner for daily activities, exercises, and commuting because of their comfortable fit, which allows you to wear them for extended periods without experiencing pain. Engrossing Aural Experience: Explore an enthralling auditory realm with the Havit Freego1 Air. These headphones, which have 16.2-millimeter drivers, provide incredibly clear audio and bring forth new details in your favorite tunes. The immersive auditory experience produced by the 360° panoramic sound gives you the impression that music is coming from all directions.

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